Thrasher Skate Mag Hood


Black is always a good option, but a black Trasher Skate Mag Hood is the best one for those who dare to be different. If you think that black is not your color then do not get upset: this magic hoodie is available in white and grey colors as well. The big Trasher print on the upper chest and the large sleeves create a pleasing combination and allow you to wear it in different streetwear outfits. It allows you to be confident and not worry about the way you looking at the moment, it fits every look you want to adopt.

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165-170cm, 170-175cm, 175-180cm, 180-185cm, 185-190cm, 190-195cm


50-60kg, 60-70kg, 70-80kg, 80-90kg


Black, Grey, White

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